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From the President's Pen

A daily devotion written by Dean Collins, President of Point University. He not only brings a fresh insight to the Scriptures, but also he shares personally how God has been leading him throughout his life from a youth in a church youth group to the presidency of a Christian university.

I’d rather be a bowl...

If we could have made the choice when we were still lumps of clay waiting for the potter to shape us I think we would have chosen bowl and not pitcher.   Everything about us points to wanting to be filled up but never poured out.  We want it all and lots of it.  

We thrive on consumption.  Our bathroom scales may reveal more about this tendency than we care to admit.  What about our attics and basements and closets?  Likely overflowing as well.  And while some have bigger bank accounts than others few would say they weren’t trying to get the biggest bank account they could during their employment years or beyond.  We are a society with lots of wants.  And we want to keep it and enjoy it preferably by ourselves or just with a few selected friends and family.  And sometimes family relationships become more about obligation than connection for many.

So as a lump of clay waiting to be formed we would chose to be a large bowl.  And the potter begins to pump the pedal to start the wheel in motion.  If we could make a sound we would cry out.  Something doesn’t feel right.  This shape is not my preference! Anything but a pitcher.  Pitchers are for pouring and I don’t want to be poured out.  I exist for me and my pleasures.

But the potter has a use in mind.  And the one who shapes us doesn’t make mistakes. There is no “oops” from our creator.  The creator of all knows all and shapes us for a purpose and uses us for plans that are far bigger and broader than we might imagine and certainly than we would chose.   Our plans might coincide with our preferred shape.   I want to give us more credit but our behaviors reveal too much.  Left to ourselves our plans likely are more about our preferences than our compassion for others.

And so the potter picks the shape of the vessel and the purpose of our life.  And since He knows what we don’t know we will accept the beauty that comes in and through the suffering.  There is a greater purpose and plan than we can comprehend.  We may be offered a glimpse in a dream or the gift of a moment where we see the smile on another’s face because of our willingness to allow the potter to shape us.  But we may have to wait until from eternity we see clearly what we could never imagine...perfection. The potter knew best.  

I pray we will trust him more...


“But he knows the way that I take; when he has tried me, I shall come out as gold.”
Job 23:10 ESV

Take time to read the following Scriptures and receive God’s blessing on you and on his plans for you.  


Isaiah 45:9-13

2 Timothy 4:6-8

Philippians 2:4-8, 14-17

Philippians 1:6